Homeless Persons Memorial Day Music – Song #121

Randy Travis
“Point of Light” —

Randy Bruce Traywick, known professionally as Randy Travis, is an American country music and Christian country music singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor.

Since 1978, Travis has recorded 20 studio albums and charted more than 50 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including sixteen that reached the No. 1 position.

Travis has sold over 25 million records and has won six Grammy Awards, six CMA Awards, nine ACM Awards, ten AMA Awards, Dove Awards and he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has appeared in numerous films and television series including the movie, The Rainmaker and the Touched By An Angel T.V. series.

Travis was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016.

“Point of Light” is a song written by Don Schlitz and Thom Schuyler and was recorded by Randy Travis in May 1991 as the lead-off single from his album High Lonesome. It was his 21st single and went to #3 on the charts.

The song has a moral message to do the right thing and become a “point of light.” The song goes on to praise social workers and teachers as points of light. Schlitz and Schuyler were commissioned to write the song in response to then-U.S. President George H.W. Bush’s “Thousand points of light” program that awarded citizens working to aid their communities through volunteer work.

There is a point when you can not walk away,
When you have to stand up straight and tall,
And mean the words you say.
There is a point you must beside,
Just to do it because it’s right,
That’s when you become a point of light.

There is a darkness that everyone must face,
It wants to take what’s good and fair,
And lay it on the waste.
And that darkness,
covers everything inside,
Until it meat a single point of light.

All it takes
it’s a point of light
a ray of hope
in the darkest night
if you see what’s wrong
and you try to make it right
You will see a point of light

There are heroes,
Whose name we never heard,
a dedicated army of quiet volunteers.
Reaching out to feed the hungry,
reaching out to save the land,
reaching out to help they’r fellow man.

There are dreamers
who are make this dream come true
taking time to teach the children,
there is nothing they can’t do.
Giving shelter to the homeless,
giving hope to those without,
is’nt that what this land all about.

One by one, from the mountain to the see,
point’s of light, are calling out for you and me.

All it takes
it’s a point of light
a ray of hope
in the darkest night
if you see what’s wrong
and you try to make it right
You will see a point of light

If you see what’s wrong
and you try to make it right
You will be
a point of light.

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Tim Houchen
Tim Houchen was homeless and living at the Santa Ana Civic Center between 2011 and 2015. He began advocating for the homeless community there while he was still homeless as a founding member of the infamous Civic Center Roundtable. The “grass roots” organization was composed of homeless individuals living at the civic center and Houchen was elected to serve as the groups first official spokesman in 2014. Tim is now in permanent supportive housing and lives in the City of Anaheim where he serves as a Commissioner of Housing and Community Development. Tim is also a member of the Orange County Continuum of Care and serves as Co-Chairman of the Homeless Providers Forum. He founded the nonprofit, Hope 4 Restoration, in 2017 and serves as Executive Director of the organization. Houchen created this site as a vehicle to share his knowledge, information and most of all, his experience which allows him to view the current homeless crisis in Orange County from a different and very unique perspective, a “Homeless Perspective.”

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