Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day Music – ​Song #123

The Holmes Brothers
​”Homeless Child” —

The Holmes Brothers were an American musical trio originally from Christchurch, Virginia. Mixing the sounds of blues, soul, gospel, country and rhythm and blues, they have recorded twelve studio albums with three reaching the Top 5 on the Billboard Blues Album Charts.

The trio consists of Wendell Holmes on lead vocals and guitar, Sherman Holmes on bass and back-up vocals along with brother-in-spirit Popsy Dixon on Drums and the band has recorded with Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel, Willie Nelson and others. The Holmes Brothers performed for President Bill  Clinton and have won the Blues Music Award from the Blues Foundation in 2005 and for Soul Blues Album of the Year in 2008. 

​”Homeless Child” was written by Ben Harper, but when comparing the two versions the Holmes Brothers play with such authority that the listener will understand that they own this song. The song opens with the volcanic beat of Popsy Dixon’s drums and an amazing accompaniment of Andy Breslau on harmonica blends the three-part harmony of Popsy, Sherman and the gruff, gravely voice of Wendall to produce the sound of a rockin’ Saturday night roadhouse with the gospel passion of a Sunday morning church service.

The Holmes Brothers smash this tune out-of-the-park. You can feel the plight of the “Homeless Child” as it virtually oozes from the music that this remarkable band puts forth.

Nowhere here
To call my home
No one near
To call my own
All that’s left
Is for me to roam
Somebody please
Help me hang on

Homeless child
Homeless child
What is left
For the homeless child

There is no night
And there is no day
It is all
One shade of gray
Some will pass
And some will stay
Is this the end
Or just one more day

Homeless child
Homeless child
What is left
For the homeless child

Sure not much
But it’s my best
I just need
Some place to rest
If you could just
Let me be your guest
I won’t burden you
For very long

Homeless child
Homeless child
What is left
For the homeless child

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