Homeless Perspective Weekly Update

Produced By Tim Houchen
April 7, 2020

Celebrate With Us!

This is the first edition of the
Homeless Perspective Weekly Update

My goal is to create a video/podcast that could be enjoyed on multiple devices whether the audience is watching the video or just listening to the audio portion of the program.

Whether you are someone experiencing homelessness, a homeless advocate/activist or just someone wanting to know a little more about how you can help promote the cause of ending homelessness, this
program will have some appeal to you.

About The Music

Music will dominate the format of the new Weekly Update and will feature songs relating to homelessness. The selections of music that we will be playing are from our Homeless Persons Memorial Day Top 100 Songs. When I was experiencing homelessness a few years ago I found some of these songs performed by mainstream artists that I had been listening to for years, but never understood the real meaning of the songs.

But, music will not be the only feature on our weekly broadcast, along with the music we will cover news articles, and any useful information for persons experiencing homelessness and we will have some special guests. Most of all, I plan to offer words of encouragement that will comfort and inspire my friends experiencing homelessness.

It seems that many musicians often express their opinions through their music, but sometimes those expressions are very subtle perhaps because unfortunately, there is little or no money in performing songs about homelessness. Has anyone ever become rich and famous by singing songs about being homeless? Perhaps not, but we will show you a bunch of rich and famous musicians singing homeless songs!

Today, our collection has grown to more than 150 songs and that number increases all of the time with suggestions from people from all over
the world and contemporary artists are creating incredible
music that we will introduce to you as well.

As I mentioned, I began collecting some of these homeless songs and downloading them from YouTube onto my phone. I would listen to the songs during times that I felt lonely, often late at night when I had trouble sleeping. Listening to the stories told in the music gave me comfort. Hearing some of the most famous musicians singing these songs on the radio made me think that many others must have suffered the same experience. I wasn’t so lonely any more and knowing that others had survived homelessness inspired me to begin taking small steps forward
and eventually finding a path to a better place in life
where I could be myself once again.

“I almost subconsciously used music for myself as a healing agent, and lo and behold, it worked … I have got a great deal of happiness
and a great ​deal of healing from music.” 
— Eric Clapton

I hope you enjoy this first edition of the Homeless Perspective Weekly Update, consider that it is the first edition so there will be improvements. If you have suggestions or if you would somehow like to participate ,
I could really use your help.

Please mail me at: gbmetro@gmail.com

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