Homeless Perspective Weekly Update #4

By Tim Houchen
May 10, 2020 —

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About Homeless Perspective Weekly Update

When we first established our nonprofit, Hope 4 Restoration, we understood that it was important to our cause of ending homelessness, that accurate information should be gathered and shared with other homeless activists/advocates. We had an appreciation for the power of technology and social media, so we created a website for H4R and we built-in tools for advocates. Our Homeless Documents Library has been deemed a tremendous resource for those who use it to find information about homelessness.

In the News is a feature at the H4R website that is a chronological record of homelessness dating back to 2010. The timeline is established in news articles and bloggers just love it because you can relate to issues that took place in the past and compare them with today’s stories. It’s remarkable because bloggers can link the URL to the article to verify their sources of information.

Two years ago, we decided that we didn’t always like the way that stories were covered by the local press. So, we created our own online news magazine and we called it Homeless Perspective because the stories told there were through the eyes of someone who had experienced homelessness in the past. Me.

Please play the video above.

In order to get the greatest amount of benefit from providing news and information, the news and information has got to be content rich. That’s why you will see more photos along with the written stories than other news outlets. Where possible we are including video presentation as well.

The most important thing to the success of our venture is you. We need to know always that we are informing you and that we are educating you. Sometimes we enjoy even entertaining you because all work and no play does what? You guessed it.

We created the Homeless Perspective Weekly Update so that we can bring all of the necessary elements together to further our cause of ending homelessness. It’s a work in progress and until Weekly Update becomes a huge success, we will keep experimenting until we come up with the magic formula. But, we need people. We need you and other activists/advocates to lift your voices. We can create the stage, but we can’t send a message without your voices.

Please share your comments and suggestions with us. We want to get as many people in front of our cameras as possible and we want to hear the voices of people that are just too stubborn to quit advocating for homeless solutions.

Please contact us to make a suggestion or ask a question. We’re happy to report on an event or a special announcement.

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3 Comments on "Homeless Perspective Weekly Update #4"

  1. I’m a homeless advocate who has been advocating for structure campgrounds, and can’t understand why there are some advocates against structure campgrounds, while people keep dying in the streets year after year, no one is asking the homeless communities what they prefer I have, so advocates who don’t support structure campgrounds are not listening to the homeless on the streets or tent cities where they keep getting harass by Law enforcement due to trespassing on railroad tracks or freeway trails,I will continue to advocate for structure campgrounds for the shelter resistant, not because that’s what I want but because that’s what the homeless would prefer and go too.

  2. Don’t get me wrong I as everyone else would prefer housing first, but we all know that’s year’s ahead if any. Talk to the homeless themselves and ask how their doing on the streets or unlawful encampment without proper sanitation?

    • Christina johnson | May 17, 2020 at 4:54 am | Reply

      Lou Noble see thats the problem witb our city council they dont talk to us nor do they want to. They see us as a very big problem that they wish we would disappear. But they dont gey it if they actually got off their ass’s and give us a chance and talk to us. They would see we are all not the same. And we do want help and change. Well 56% of us do. Ive always said there are 3 types of homeless. #1 being mentally ill whom belongs in a court order state hospital…#2 being your drug addicts that are causing riff raff stealing doing dope in public ect. They belong in court order jail. And then theirs me #3 the ones who do want change needs that little nudge to get help and get off these streets. But we cant get it cause of # 1 and #2. So untill the ones who have homes i call them ‘the norms” realize the above statements we are all just F@&K.. And also id love to get information on to becoming an advocate thru the city or whatever. Im doing it but on my own

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