Governor to Partner With Cities to Develop Affordable Housing on State Owned Property

“Housing is a basic human right, and in California, we simply don’t have enough of it,” said Newsom. “The cost of housing and rising rents are squeezing family budgets. My administration is using every tool at our disposal to combat the housing affordability crisis our families face. We’re working hand in hand with local leaders who are stepping up for their communities and pushing for affordability for their residents.”

Finding Homeless Patients A Place To Heal

Homeless patients with complex medical needs are especially difficult to place in rural communities because of a lack of adequate services, said Brenda Robertson, care management regional director for Adventist Health hospitals in central California.

2019 California Housing Legislation Highlights

By: Alfred Twu April 7, 2019 — Over 200 bills have been introduced by state legislators this year to tackle California’s housing crisis. Here are some of the bigger ones. Note: Unless otherwise noted, details…

Jamboree Tackles Large Southern California Developments

By: Donna Kimura April 3, 2019 — Jamboree is working on several notable affordable housing developments in California. Laura Archuleta, president, Jamboree The longtime nonprofit organization is developing Santa Ana Veterans Village, which will be…

California’s Race to Build Housing

By: Andrew Stephens April 4, 2019 — California is a fascinating study of politics, housing and galvanized activism. It’s been said that as California goes, so goes the nation. But not always. And hopefully not…

Why California’s governor is suing Huntington Beach

Can a lawsuit compel upscale cities to build more housing? By: The Economist April 3, 2019 — “How many governors start their administrations suing one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in the state?”…

Making Affordable Housing Make Sense

By: Jeffrey Steele April 2, 2019 — Making affordable housing development and preservation financially feasible is difficult and getting more competitive and complex every day. “That’s happening because the demand for low- and moderate-income housing…

No Change in Climate for San Clemente’s Homeless

This area located at North Beach has now become a “conflict zone” for the homeless and local residents as each compete for the rightful use of the high-quality public space there. The residents feel a sense of entitlement based on economic status and a belief that the prized public space is to their benefit, bought and paid for in sweat equity and property taxes. The homeless are drawn into conflict because they have nowhere else to go.

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Rest in Peace “Dirty Santa”

By: Tim HouchenDecember 12, 2018 — This is a story that I wrote several years ago while I was still homeless and living at the Santa Ana Civic Center. The story is about a guy…

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Housing is on the Midterm Ballot

By Noelle Porter October 15, 2018 — With less than a month to go until the 2018 elections, your TVs, computers, and phones are dominated by candidates telling you where they stand on health care,…


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