California Paves Way for More ADUs

By: JD Supra October 16, 2019 — As part of its response to California’s housing crisis, the Legislature passed a handful of new laws that further limit local regulation of accessory dwelling units, or ADUs….

SB 330 Limits Local Laws Over Housing Developments

As part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s pledge to create 3.5 million new housing units by 2025, he signed Senate Bill 330 on Oct. 9. The new law makes numerous changes to the Permit Streamlining Act and the…

California’s Struggle to Get Food Stamps to the Hungry

By: Jackie Botts July 18, 2019 — With full participation in California’s food stamp program, the state’s poor would receive an additional $1.8 billion in federal funds each year. Pending legislation would require the state…


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